Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busyyy mom..

Busy ..busy..busy..thats the word i could say now a days...i think almost 2 weeks i didnt do any LO...ergh..i need that actually...been busy doing the medical check up ..and not to mention still house hunting...erghh...penat sei.

I've got 1 awards and 1 tag to do...ergh..sorry ah guys belum sampat ni pun jap lagi mau speedo gi amik rania dia skul...after mau p tuaran want to meet my lovely bff "zai" yesterday she beteriak already in the phone..janji mau jumpa after lunch last2 my batang idung pun ndak nampak di uma dia..kui kui..sorry ah babe....

Im gonna try some LO and challenge as soon as i can catch my breath...take care all..

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