Monday, February 16, 2009

Economic Crisis

Well everyone knows that this is no more rumours ...cuma its like an open secret waiting for the situation hit our country...while in US a lot of retailer and big business had been closed down..memang scary kan..just now on my way sending rania to school i heard the news in the car saying that already 15 thousand workers suda kena berenti keja..and another 45 thousand on the way.Scary would make the worst ..the criminal will be more and more lagik ni.

Hope and pray to god that our family wont be that affected due to this economy down turn.As for me im slow ..slowing down my spending not stopping ah..kekkeke..bikin takut..For the past 2 weeks i did some LO within my busy time....its simple as usual ..heheh...and a lot of event happened during those period of time...birthday...eating outside...etc..

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