Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today schedule...

Todays schedule..pack with i wish i have 4 hands....ergh..

1) Early in the morning send Rania to school.

2) On the way pick rania up from school,send her bicycle to repair.

3) While waiting for Rania finish school at 11.30 ,went to the Bank..settle some

4) After get out from the bank ..go to stationary shop to do company seal.

5) Pick Rania up from school.

6) Send her back to house

7) Go back to town do alteration.

8) 3 pm meeting with someone Important...and donno what time finish..hope in time to
pick rania bicycle.

Is this a hectic day...???


Leo said...

ratna, don't 4get to eat ;)

Ratnariz said...

Iya bah....i forgot to eat...memamg totaly forgot...and ndak sempat..ergh..

Chowchow said...

Ratna - thats the day in a life of a mom! Enjoy it!

Ratnariz said...

hi michele...ya enjoying every bit of it...cuma sometimes its seems like not enough time to do so many things..