Friday, June 26, 2009


I was born in the 70's but i grew up in the 80's era. Yup Big hair (my mom used to have big hair).Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice, New Kids on the Block ,Tommy Page (diehard fan of him) and last but not least Thriller Micheal Jackson (may he rest in Peace).

Yes Im in that era...I think that is the coolest era ever..of course at that time there is NO Astro and no cartoon channel. We have to wait every 5pm for cartoon to be aired everyday in tv1 or tv2.And the cartoon Tom and jerry, woody wood pecker,suria perkasa hitam and only TRANSFORMER ...All my siblings a boys so i have to watched with them. During my kid day i was supposed to play with barbie but instead i played with Decepticon and Autobats...funny

While watching this movie i have a flash back during my childhood..i wonder if any of the kids now a days ever watch the real cartoon of Transformer...anyway its a good movie....rating 10 - 10...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Stock For June ..New Arrival

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Desert Royal

woohhhooo...another book that ive finished reading this book..From this book my perception towards the Arabs totally change 360 scary and i am glad that i am born in Malaysia which have a good respect for women. In Arab women are nobody treated like a pile of burden.Good book to read for us to realise that there is life is worse than us if we ever complaining about everything here in Malaysia.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prisoner Of Tehran..

I've been soaked in a war when i read this book..while am reading this book when the kids already sleeping hubby suddenly called me and asked me so 'important' question to me...(b should we buy that house? padahal suda decide and tinggal signing up the snp i told him...why ja la..since its nearer...after finish talking and asked my Hubby ...are you done asking me question? and hubby asked me back...why la? and i told my hubby ..."coz im in the middle of war here" while holding the book..kekeke)..merapu uda kan...

Well as soon i started to read the book i cant put it kena glue my eyes ...its so hearth breaking and by the end of the book i cried...woohhoo.what a book ..i should i say it as memoir...Very good Book...Read it guys..

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Little Shop

Hi all my little shop officially open for shop Click the title and off you go...Im in a process of uploading all the pictures...please do come ya...take care all....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paper Bag Mini Album

Yipieee..finaly i managed to make paper bag mini album after so long searching for the paper bag ....i found it at Daiso ..and when i saw it feels like heaven..heheh...and this is the outcome ...enjoy...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congrats to my Brother Haniff and fiancee Jehan

I just arrived from sandakan attend my brother enggagement day.It was a short trip which is only 3 days and 2 nite...but it was fun since we went there by car.Took us 5 hours to reach sandakan its tiring but we enjoyed it..especially the kids.Even though its a long hour ride in the car but they didnt even make a noise i think they like it...

The enggagment was a very nice ceremony full with tears and laughter..meeting up relatives is the fun part...we catch up with cousin and old friend....telling stories and as you all know for enggagement and wedding they will be a lot of things for my bro i think his a bit nervous at first but it turn out to be ok...for more picture you can go to my facebook and look at all the picture that id posted..cant post it a lot here....

Just arrived from kampung..

This LO i did it for a challenge at its a challenge malaysian forum..and before i went back for my brother enggagement i managed to this LO for the challenge but didnt have time to upload it at that time.Now that im back so i would like to post this LO for June challenge.

I did some flowers using card stock and the button i attached with the flower....its handmade...part of the rules for the sketch that are it goes..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bila mau balas Tag kawan ku ni...??

Hi all...for this entry i would like to say im sooooooo sorry to frens yang rajin tul give me tag....tapi sampai skang ndak terbalas ni...tu kimora,rahma,izan,mommy den ..minta ampun banyak2 ahh..bukan ku tak sudi..tapi ku terlalu sikit masa tuk ku membuat tag berkenaan...akan ku cari masa yang sesuai ya darlings....hehehe...take care you much..xoxo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Another good movie..well i watch it because of the of coz for dakota fanning..she's so adorable...this is a good movie ...not so violent just in the middle....Watch cinema..


The title itself draw your attention .Yes its a new Movie starred by Beyonce Knowles.Its a nerve racking movie..especially for women / wife outside there...betul2 girigitan when you see this movie..for me its 5 out of 6 star this girls...its a good movie...and its action and emotional as well...bikin geram ni movie....Watch it yeah....

Helooo June..

June already here....its feels like a blink suda setengah fast...the time become more hectic and busy.As for May its over.i will miss May..coz in May 2 of my brother celebrate their 29th and 30th birthday.And for me and hubby is our wedding anniversary...6th anniversary....

A lot of things happened in May,Birthday,House Warming,Tupperware Launching,Weedding.....and belum sempat mau ingat balik suda datang si for my LO....stil coming..trying my very best to do more LO...More and picture a taken during this day...actually today im not in a good mood to write i dont know why...hehehe..please bare with me ya....take care all...