Friday, January 2, 2009

So tired and yet so thrilled...all cramped into one entry..

New year already been gone for almost 2 days kan...jap ja already 2 days..seems like baru ja we celebrated new year .at kak saira house.We when back so late ,reached home almost 1am..and the kids of course sleeping on the way back to our house. Sorry no update since new year been busy .

I just got back from Rania school for registration enroll 2009. Sudah naik pangkat and different classroom also different teacher. After registration and bought some books from school we rushed down to kk (followed with mommy) to buy shoes,socks and of course some goodies for my scrappy.heheh..(tu wajib tu tau).

Oh ya before i forgot...last nite we when to funfair .Which is located at tun fuad building.If you ever been to Disneyland before this nothing la compare to this fun fair..kesian nengok..but what to do since here kk no amusement park so excited it is for the kids. When they saw the ferris wheel for me ..mula2 tu syok ..coz i went there want to buy some food..hahaha...and after im full i felt exausted and hot...super hot ok..since im wearing tudung ...ergh...after had their rides and all me rushed to the car first with rihana and ina..cannot stand the hot la..

Simple LO for Kak Dana

Picking up Balloons

I cant stand hot places..buli pengsan..hehe...bukan tembirang..memang cannot stand la bah...

Even though me busy i managed to do 1 LO for kak dana as a gift for her..and she love it..heheh..

New year EVe...having fun

The nite is still early la mami..

BBQ food....nice....

Train ride....

Look at me..enjoying the food but still hot...