Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mama Mia LO

Last nite i was up late watching Mama Mia..bought the cd for quite sometimes but didnt have a chance to watch it since last nite the kids sleep early so i got a chance own my own to watch the movie. While hubby downstairs enjoying playing Play Station (boy will never be apart from games)...both of us enjoyed our own time alone..heheh part or our therapy actually.

Ok lets continue about Mama Mia movie..its and interesting movie and i love it coz there is a lot of musical and song ohh so nice..while watching the movie i did 1 LO ....and i called Mama Mia LO...heheh

Oh ya...i've received parcel from Scrap-n-Crop...i bought the goodies bag worth rm150.00 and its worth it...