Friday, January 23, 2009

Isnt that lovely...

Heluuu...this days im very busy sending and picking up rania from skul. Do some small shopping for home of course the major thing rite now is HOUSE HUNTING....still looking and searching..cant really tahan leaving here coz is too damn far (ooops mind my language)..

I also do my scrapping during the nite when the kids already sleeping. If they still awake i wouldnt have the time to scrapp and my mojo will dissapears.Like always while im scrapping i listen to the music .But the music last nite a bit special since its the sound of my hubby playing his guitar next beside me...Isnt that scrapping and his playing a guitar to entertain me...kui kui...thanks darl for keep me company.

At last almost 2 hours while scrapping,listening to the guitar and a bit chit chatting i finished 1 LO for the nite...picture of sleeping sleeping angel.

Eating lunch after school