Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a simple gesture is Enough!

Did you guys ever experience this.Especially when you driving..a person from the other side asking for them to past by ...and you willingly with a smile giving them a chance to go first..but in the end..not even a smile ...but "shitty face" yang you dapat...pernah ka..? mind my language..sometimes people just dont appreciate what people do for them..even though its only giving way..well at least you smile a simple gesture ..bukan asked you to pay kan...

Like just now..i went to 1b (daiso heaven for scrapperholic like me) make it short..after finished all the shopping..i went back..while still in the carpark ..a lady with baby stroller want to past by the i stop and gave her way...and you guys know what she did..not even a single smile but gave me the"shitty face" feels like want to langgar her...bodoh...all i need is just a simple gesture.. i dont ask them to say thank you or run to me and hug..just be polite..