Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prisoner Of Tehran..

I've been soaked in a war when i read this book..while am reading this book when the kids already sleeping hubby suddenly called me and asked me so 'important' question to me...(b should we buy that house? padahal suda decide and tinggal signing up the snp i told him...why ja la..since its nearer...after finish talking and asked my Hubby ...are you done asking me question? and hubby asked me back...why la? and i told my hubby ..."coz im in the middle of war here" while holding the book..kekeke)..merapu uda kan...

Well as soon i started to read the book i cant put it kena glue my eyes ...its so hearth breaking and by the end of the book i cried...woohhoo.what a book ..i should i say it as memoir...Very good Book...Read it guys..