Thursday, July 16, 2009

My mind and Body not feeling the same vibe..

Lately since im pregnant i've experience extreme fatigue ..i have no morning sickness (thank god to that)but i do experience feeling bloated all day and exhausted all the time..mayb coz this is my first trimester..

My mind saying i can do this and that but my body cant go any further.The taught of picking up rania from school and go to the bank to pay some bills also make me feel exhausted already .But when nap time i cant simply close my eyes and doze of ..mayb like i mention before my mind still working but my body cant do no more.

There is a lot of things i want to do for my online store rite now...a lot of uploading and promotion need to be done since Ramadhan is just around the corner.Hopefully by the second trimester im gonna get back my energy level. Even updating blog also need a lot of work since my eye and head got a bit ache watching at the laptop screen so long.Need to pick up rania soon from school...need energy boost now...take care all..