Wednesday, September 2, 2009 cant get enough ShOes

Hi all...i think its been a long time i didnt buy a pair of shoes..couldnt find a pair of shoes thats fit my taste for this looking for something is out from the ordinary...hehe..its more like a Loubotin shoes konon..if want to buy original sure "kopak" kocek..neway i found this shoe in a local store called Kara Kara in Lintas..there got collection of shoes from Japan which is good..The Brand name is Domo...there said is a good Japan Quality shoe...

So i found this ..and catch this...hehe..original cost is Rm157.00 and the 'amui' gave me discount Rm120.00 ..cukup puas hati mak...hehe..

p/s: I dont know where to wear this shoes..hahaha..