Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yeay Naik Pangkat..

Been very busy lately with my new career as Independent Beauty consultant.The good news is id already become a Team nya..kerja diluar separuh mati pun belum tentu boleh naik pangkat gini cepat...belum tentu kena recognition best ...i think i found something that i really love..balance out..i can rotate my busy schedule around my ka ndak tu..i can choose bila i want my skincare class to be held n earn the same time ada masa with my family and jalan2 shopping...isnt this our dream career...for most women yes kan...mmg best..meeting new wonderful friends yang cantik berkharisma semua tau ..but of course not easy as it look must also work hard bah..mana2 keja kena gak semangat and jangan putus asa.I've been attending event and meetings ..jan heran suri rumah pun ada meeting and event to attend kan...bah this are the picture...

ps: sapa mau skincare class free do call me jan malu2 ah...malu2 rugi ..hehe


Monday, April 12, 2010

Im proud to be Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay

I want to announce here that i am a Mary Kay beauty consultant trained and well equipped with beauty knowledge.I'll be happy if you guys need a beauty consultant and as complementary i can give you free facial n makeup session with lots of products to be test...sound nice rite...give me a call and will let you know more...!!! Wont crash your bank to be beautiful...

Cleanser 113ml
Mask 113g
Refreshener 150ml
Moisturizer 85g

Botanical Customized Skin Care (Formula 1 for dry skin)

Hibuscus is added for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and to alleviate "tight" feel and redness.

Set ini amat sesuai utk kulit kering & sensitif. Ia memberi kelembapan & soothing effect pd kulit. Set ini mengandungi bunga raya utk kebaikan antioksidan & bhn anti inflammatori yg dpt mengurangkan rasa tegang & kemerahan pd kulit.

Price for this product:

Cleanser RM65
Mask RM75
Freshner RM65
Moisturizer RM80

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FREE Skincare Class and Grooming...

Hi all would like to announce here...Im gonna held a free makeup class n grooming for all you ladies...I want to try out some new product to you and you also got a chance to feel and try simple as that...nothing to loose rite.Call me to make appointment and one more thing you can bring your friendsssss to ya... ;p

My number : 0168340177 (Ratna)