Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving to a New Home

Hi all....sorry for neglecting the blog for so long..sekali masuk ni blog punya banyak uda sarang labah2 ni hehehe.Neway i just came back from sandakan for Mary Kay event and it was a blast.Meeting my long lost childhood friend.sekali jumpa semua uda jadik wife and hot mommys.Ndak menyesal jugak la p sandakan kan.After balik sandakan now im busy plak moving house.packing2 cam mau pengsan ja pack n unpack ni.so the pc n internet will off soon and i will be OL from blog and facebook for a while.Hope to see guys again soon.Take care..muaxxxx...

1 comment:

Cath J said...

Wahhh meriahhhh nyerrrr.... ^_^

and selamat berpindah rumah.. ^_^