Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flea Market On the 3rd April at Jesselton Point

Mari...mari kita ramai kasi meriah tu jesselton point on the 3rd march.I will be selling kids cloth and some for the rest of the vendors jual macam2 ..with good jan lupa singgah my gerai n take snapshoot with me..ceh cam ja org glamour...kekekek....bah enjoy the cupcakes pic that i made for march order ahh..hehe

I love my lovely followers and readers

You guys always support me no matter what...and give me strength when i need it more.Even though i always missing in action dlam ni blog kamu datang jugak tinguk saya ni ...huhu i feel love everytime i log in to my blog...Thanks guys for all your support and endless you ...muaxxx...xoxo