Monday, June 21, 2010

Beauty Consultant cum Housewife

Since pindah uma baru i dont have org gaji..well for certain people mayb biasa kan teda org gaji ni..for me dari kawin sampai la skang anak dua mmg ada org gaji ndak kira me keja or not.Uda manja la ni tu pasal la bila teda org gaji i tell you mmg sakit.First day pindah uma im down with flu,coughing and fever .Maybe coz to tired and lack of rest.With two small kids n during pindah ceremony tu hubby plak ngam2 outstation naaaa ndak ko pengsan.Sib baik la ada my parents n my bro if ndak buli masuk hospital actually sikit lagik la masuk spital sampai sakit plak tu kan.

Now im adjusting my new routine and my new house.So far so good la i can manage.If i do have skincare class than i have to send the kids to mom house for a while and pick them up after abis .Thats why im enjoying being a Mary Kay beauty consultant coz im my own bos.I can do when i want it and when i need it.

Being a stay at home and a full time beauty consultant is not easy. Kitchen is my office 247. I do cooking and surfing at the same time in the kitchen ..sometimes of kita human being mesti ada up and down but trying so hard to make it balance and think positive all the time.At least my kids are with me and my house are sparkling clean everyday puas hati bab keja sendiri kan.

For this weekend ill be busy doing my Rju (Red jacket uni)for mary qualified me to become a sales director for mary kan baru ja join uda naik pangkat..hehe...i couldnt ask for more....