Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its very tough for kids..

Like always after finished cooking i sat down on my lappy n rania also doing her homework.Suddenly i heard rania mengeluh and i asked her why.And suddenly she cried macam frust sangat2 kesian tul. I asked her napa nangis 'rania p sekolah ramai budak cina tak mau kawan ngan rania coz i dont understand what are they talking about (dia sekolah chinese skul)..n she said bila teacher dia tanya apa benda tu dia tak paham the symbol.She cried and cried and i consul her.Sian dia kecik2 lagik uda frustrated ngan keadaan.Now make me wondering should i continued sending her to chinese school or not.Id already register her for primary school at chinese school.If this thing continue i cant help her if her homework in chinese.How am i suppose to help her? do you guys have any suggestion how??

But than i asked she wants to continue in chinese school and she said she wants to learn how to speak chinese..i really hope she can do it...if cant than i have to transfer her back to ordinary school. hmmmm..dilemma gak ni...or i think i enrolled in chinese school ..ada kak ajar speak chinese here in kk for adult??