Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Green???

A while ago if ada org cakap sama sa pasal go green i just smile and after that forget about it.But now im glad that i opened up my mind about going green.Sorry to say most of Malaysian does not aware how important is going green.Im amused by my MIL coz even though shes busy but she did the one thing that yang buat sa terkedu.Food left over she have the time to dig on the tanah n tanam tu discompose the left over..even small little things like this can change the earth environment in the future do you agree with me.My first step to go green is i bought bag yang buli di pakai time shopping for grocery so i bought dalam 2 n i have another extra 2 from Tupperware and Nando's should be enough to carry all those grocery kan.

And one more thing im deligthed that our government make a small effort to each of the store such supermarket even multibake that every monday is a recycle day n no plastic bag allowed hey thats a good step .So slowly we change our life style to healthy and safe.This are tips that i got form ehow webbie .Hope it can help a little bit here and there ya...good luck!

•Going green means finding ways to help the environment in your daily life. A great place to start this environmentally friendly practice is right in your home. Start teaching your children early about the importance of preserving nature and animals. Reducing water, saving energy and driving less are some ways you can go green at home. Going green also helps you save money on energy, gas and groceries.

Switch Light Bulbs
•Reduce your energy consumption by getting rid of your incandescent light bulbs. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money and help the environment. Lighting is typically 25 percent of the home budget. Fluorescent lights burn less energy and last longer.
Use Reusable Bags

•Go green at home by ordering cloth reusable bags. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment because they remain in landfills for years or choke and kill small animals. Take your cloth bags to the grocery store every time you go to help the environment and don't forget to wash them occasionally as the cloth can pick up germs.

Combine Errands
•Carbon emissions from cars are harmful to the environment. You can go green by limiting the amount of driving you do. Combine all of your grocery store visits into one. Take one trip into town and do all of your errands that day. This saves you gas money while helping the environment.

Reduce Water
•Reduce the amount of water your family uses in showering and laundry to help the environment. Each family member can take shorter showers. Install a low-flow showerhead that reduces how much water is used each time you shower. Also, wash all of your laundry in cold water. Hot water for laundry costs more money and uses more energy.

Skip Bottled Water
•Purchase a reusable water bottle and refill it each day. Plastic water bottles are harmful to the environment because they remain in landfills for years. Attach a water filter to your sink faucet so you do not need bottled water. Drinking plenty of water also keeps you healthy.

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