Sunday, April 17, 2011

Am I too old for Hello Kitty?

In the very beginning 1974 maknanya she is 1 year older than me (yeay tu uda prove im too old for her hahahha) Hello Kitty, did not have a name. It was first seen as a kitty with a little red bow on its left ear, sitting down. However, Hello Kitty instantly attracted respect and love of thousands of people in Japan with its cute design and character, which turned Hello Kitty into an instant celebrity.

I love Hello Kitty bab cute la bah...what ever things yg ada picture or her logo mesti jadik cute trus ni.And since i have 3 little girls so no harm if i collected Hello Kitty kan can be pass on to my doter bah tu..(satu alasan yg kukuh ngeh ngeh)So now i can happily collected Hello Kitty item..oh ya even Kimora pun collect bah na ..jadeeey apa lagik yg ndak buli ni....