Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Salam, wohooooo where shall i start? Mak aai if di ikut banyak la sangat mau d hupdate niiii! ! So i think i round uo semua sekali la ya mix cam rojak bleh, ok lets start.

Been telling u guys From my baby Raisya lahir and now she`s already 6 months and 13 days pun belum buat hupdate lagi. . huhu. And now this is her. .tambah noti and manja . . bucuk anak mami ehehehe. . ober plak. .

The opening of my boutique ,yes butik suda buka 3 months ago.Alhamdulillah its doin good . can u imagine as soon as tempoh berpantang abis me trus kick start buat biz and i do it all alone from painting to design to material tp bukan la me yg do the hard labor me jus pointing2 ja but still hard you knowwww. from stocks to ironing at that time staff pun lum ada tq to my lvely helper Ms rania and Ms Rihana and mommy dearie not forgrt my darling hubby ngehhh for trusting me to do this biz luv u muaxxxx!!. and im proud of myself . .and the outcome tadaaaaaaa. . picture below . before and after and my helper :). ok not? ok not?

ok since after all the busyness(sori grammar tunggang tebalik ya) now its time for holiday .Taoi sayang my baby raisya terpaksa tinggal since its biz + holiday so mommy dearie ckp better baby kicit tinggal ngan dia. . Our destinatition is Jakarta and Bandung.Firts nite reach there me meraung ingat baby but since kakak2 dia ada so kurang sikit la boleh gak gomol kaksknya biar la masam sikit baunyer hik hiks. .Jakarta was a wonderful city And bandung also cozy pekan or should i.say bandar jugak.feels like home actually . .shopping here is heaven hokey and the luggage eheemm mcm belayar naik haji sebulan hiks hiks. .apa pun we enjoyed our short holiday.Kids havin fun and all. . :) Hmmm i think ok for now. . enough 1 entry 3 title kan nt poning mak. hihi insyallah will hupdate again. . :)

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N.Aima K said...

kak baru aku mau excited membaca abis sudah! more entry please..

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