Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day Special

Celebrate Mothers Day with my mom inlaw and sis inlaws at Olde Town Lintas. Since my mom is not in town we celebrate without her this year. Nevermind tunggu dia alik than we celebrate together.Eating with families always been fun. im enjoying my food so did the kids. As a gift i bought my Mil a caftan fom Jakarta. Early this morning she message telling that the caftan fits her well and she loves it...fiuuuuwww glad that she love it hihihi...As for me this morning i woke up and there it is...a gift for me from hubby yeay!!! Automaticlly made my eyes just pop up...sengih sampai telinga kak ton....tq darling hubby for appreciating me... I hope all of you momsie had a wonderful Mothers Day!! xoxo


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